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Benefits for Restaurateur
Benefits for Customer
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What is Kreserve?
Kreserve is a marketing tool which facilitates Restaurant and F&B reservation. It gives a superpower control panel of Restaurant managers in order to launch any types of dining offers and promotions and many more ...
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What Restaurant owners earn:
Facilitate online payment for your customers
- Accept all major master and visa cards in Malaysia
- Support from Malaysia online banking:
  Maybank2u, CIMB Click, AmOnline and many more
- Paypal support

Create your Restaurant map
-Draw your Restaurant layout and table settings easily
-Set different layouts for different dates and events
-Print restaurant map
Create various promotion packages
- Make different dining packages
-Make discounted offers
-Set different prices for kids, adults, VIP and ...
-Charge customers in a way you like ,
Take a small deposit or charge them in full
-Free a la carte reservations
Outsource Your Marketing to Us
Think about an airplane that takes off half full. That airplane still has the same equipment and personnel costs as a full plane. So every empty seat represents a lost revenue opportunity for that airline just as every empty chair represents a lost revenue opportunity for a restaurant. Filling more seats generates more profits. And Kreserve helps fill more seats.
No need to do anything!
Just call to our Hot-line or send us an email or upload your materials to your Kreserve Marketing account.Our Google specialists know how to manage your ads.

-We will blast your ads anywhere you like
-We launch new advertisements for you in:
      Search engines like Google and Yahoo
      Social networks like Facebook and Twitter
-We make video clips and animations for your restaurant and launch it in youtube*
-Analyse your ads and marketing campaign performance
-Blast your promotional flyers and ads to all of your customer's emails.
What customers earn:
-Put custom orders
-Book their table in just 5 minutes
-Gather points and taking hundreds of prizes
-Can select the location of their table
-Pay easy via Paypal or any credit or debit
cards and even by online banking
Ask Our Experts.
Find out how we can boost your business.
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Lot 6, Level 2, Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang ,Kuala Lumpur

*additional charges will be applied for making videos and animations.
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