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Dining In The Dark

Dining in the Dark was established in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Changkat Bukit Bintang in December 2012. Dining in the dark is a restaurant in total darkness, they are the first of its kind in Malaysia and they welcome you to experience this unique gastronomic journey and memorable experience.

Dining in the Dark is only available for dinners, they open at 6:00pm and the last seating will be at 9:30pm. They serve a Surprise Menu for diners which are thoughtfully designed and carefully prepared fit for a fine dining, which consist of Starter, Main and Desert. Their dishes are with varying flavours to give diners' palate a wonderful experience and their mind an exciting challenge! Diners would not know what they'll be getting for dinner until they taste it in the dark, where the true flavours and tastes of food have not been influenced by sight, a marvelous gastronomic journey indeed!

Diners will be guided by their "Darkness Experts" when they enter the dining area, the experts are service staff consists of visually impaired and blind persons, who lead their daily life without or with minimal light. The ambiance there is cosy yet exquisite, would allow diners to feel relax and comfortable even though they couldn't see in there.

Dining in the Dark is perfect for those seeking a new and unique way to enjoy a meal and this is where you let your other senses take over and experience a whole new way of dining. Do make a reservation with them if you would like to visit.

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