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Garden Cafe

Garden Lifestyle store and Cafe, a cafe which gives their customer a dining experience in a 'real' garden. This cafe was established since 2009 and they offer fusion cuisine from both the Western and Asian cuisines. Garden Cafe has a few branches, which could be found in One Utama, The Curve, Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, Alamanda and at Viva Home in Kuala Lumpur. The cafe becomes well-known because of the fabulous food they serve and the amazingly beautiful decorations in their cafe also one of the reason people visits.

The interior of the restaurant was designed like a 'real' garden which makes their customers feels like dining in a real garden. The cafe is decorated with beautiful flowers and plants. Besides that, their customers also will be entertained by a melodious rhythm from their white grand piano. Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe, is divided into Indoor and Outdoor dining area.

Garden Cafe offers a wide range of Asian and Western delight. Some of their cafe famous menus are appetizers, soup, pastas, garden's snack, the main course, beverages and many more. This cafe is the perfect place to escape from the hectic environment while offering diners with an amazing dining environment. This place is definitely a suitable place to have a romantic meal or to celebrate a special day with your loved ones.

Garden Cafe has released some of their promotions for specials days like mother's day, Happy Hour promotion, and many more. Stay alert and visit their website to not miss out on their great promotions.

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