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Type of Kuihs in Malaysia

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Kuih or also known as kueh or kue is a term used for small bite-sized foods that is popular in Malay Archipelago. It can also be known as a pastry, but do note that the Asian concept of "pastries" is different from Western. It was often steamed than baked, which makes it look different from the Western. In the North like Perlis, Perak and Kelantan, kuihs that are made there are sweet, while in Southern states like Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Selangor, kuihs made are more savoury because these states have more Chinese and Indians that might be one of a factors in making the kuihs here.

Kuihs in Malaysia has different kind of shapes, textures, colours and the way to make it is also different. Some kuihs are wrapped by banana leaves known as daun pisang, and some are not. Most of the kuihs did not have their own recipes or original recipes from our ancestors, they are made by just "agak-agak" (approximate) the amount of ingredients needed, because there are no specific measurement for it. They know the kuih's mixture is right by the look and texture of it, therefore different family may have their own recipe and version of the same kuih.

Examples of popular Kuihs in Malaysia are:-

Curry Puff: also known as "karipap" in Malay is a small pie with curry filling, usually chicken and potatoes.
Kuih Ketayap: a cylindrical shaped kuih rolled up with a palm sugar-sweetened coconut inside it. Kuih Ketayap are coloured and flavoured with pandan essence.
Onde-onde: it is shaped in small round balls made from rice flour and filled with palm sugar. Then rolled it in freshly grated coconut.
Kuih Kochi: It is shaped into a pyramid with a palm sugar-sweetened coconut inside it. It is wrapped with the banana leaves.
Kuih Lapis: It is made by rice flour and have many layers with different colours.

Kuihs can be easily found in Malaysia and people sell it everyday. You can buy it at kuih stalls, in shopping malls and other places. Some people have it at breakfast and kuihs can also be eaten at tea time with families. Some family prefer to make it at home than buying it as some of it is very easy to make.

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