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Ramadan in Malaysia

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Ramadan is always a special month for Muslim where Muslim does the fasting and also known as the month where Muslims around the world focus on prayer, fasting, giving to charity, and religious devotion. Fasting, abstaining from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset, gives a sense of empathy towards the poor, encouraging people to be more giving and more helpful to those in need.

A few hours before break the fast, most mosques are a hive of activity as volunteers, started to get busy preparing the ingredients and spices to cook the savoury Bubur Lambuk or mixed rice porridge, which is later will be distributed to the community and passers-by. Around 4 pm to 5 pm, there will be a long-queue where people started to get the Bubur Lambuk.

In the evening, you can witness Ramadan Bazaars that selling food for breaking fast that is also known as Iftar. You can find variety of traditional foods there that you can only found during Ramadan. Typical dishes that you can find in Bazaar are Murtabak, laksa, char kway teow, and satay. The prices of the food are very cheap. Non-Muslim Malaysian also are looking forward to this month as it is the time for them to enjoy the various traditional that are sold in Bazaar.

During the night after the Isyak prayer is performed, mosques will begin to fill with Muslim to perform terawih, a prayer that only be conducted in the month of Ramadan. Imams will recite the beautiful verses from the Quran. After the terawih, there will be a small supper served in the courtyard of the mosques where the food is often brought by the local community or individual. This is the time where everyone spends time together and the feeling that only can be felt during Ramadan.

After the month of Ramadan, Muslim will celebrate Eid al-Fitr where Muslim celebrates it after a month they doing the fasting. Eid al-Fitr also will be celebrates in a month. This time, Muslims are so busy choosing their clothes to wear during the Eid Al-fitr. After 2weeks of Eid day, there will be a lot of Muslim doing the open house, where they invites their families, friends, and neighbours to come to their house and they will prepare a lot of traditional food for the guests that come.


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