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Rojak is a common dish in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, it is a fruit and vegetable salad served with sweet and spicy peanut sauce. The word 'rojak' means mixture in Bahasa Malaysia, Rojak can usually be found at some street vendors and Mamak stalls. The important ingredient in Rojak is the sauce, a thick sweet and spicy peanut sauce which is made out of water, belacan (shrimp paste), sugar, chilies and lime juice. The taste and ingredients of Rojak varies between regions, here are two types of Rojak in Malaysia:
  1. Rojak Mamak or Pasembur

    Rojak Mamak or also known as Pasembur in Penang is made up of mixture of cucumber, bean sprouts, jicama, fried dough fritters, prawn fritters, deep-fried tofu, hard boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, and cuttlefish which is then topped with spicy peanut sauce. For the newer version of Rojak, you can add more ingredients to it such as crabsticks, sausages and fried dumplings. Penang Pasembur is famous throughout Malaysia, some of the best Rojak could be found in Penang.

  2. Rojak Buah

    Rojak buah or fruit Rojak is a sweet and sour Rojak, compare to the savory Rojak Mamak. Rojak buah is the mixture of cucumber, jicama, pineapple, guava, jambu air, raw mangoes, green apples and sweet and spicy thick peanut sauce which is topped with crushed peanuts. Rojak buah is also available in Penang, but it is called Penang Rojak, and sometimes they add in squid fritters to it.
Singapore Rojak is quite similar to Malaysian Rojak Mamak, but they serve their spicy peanut sauce on the side instead of mixing it together with other ingredients. Whereas, Indonesia has variety of Rojak, such as the Indonesian Fruit Rujak which is similar to the Rojak Buah but with more spicy peanut sauce and the Rujak Cingur which is has a meaty taste, they added buffalo or cow lips into the Rujak mixture and served in a black sauce made from petis (black shrimp paste) and ground peanuts.

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