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How a restaurant website or blog can increase number of customers?

By Zurianna and Iman

Every restaurant owner wants his (or her) restaurant to be the best in town if not the country (or world), therefore, a good marketing plan should always be emphasized besides making good food and have good customer service.
Two of the powerful marketing tools in this modernized era are website and blog, since technology is the core of our modern world, we can get information anywhere anytime with just a tap on the screen.With technology, restaurant owners could advertise their restaurant and food through website and blog to boost their sales and marketing, this is also a fast and effective way to spread news to the public.
Website would basically contain a restaurant’s information, such as contact information, menu, events and promotions. Whereas a restaurant’s blog would contain extra information on the restaurant, such as, in detail explanation on events and promotions, extra information on foods or restaurant and anything that they feel suit.

So, why is a website or a blog, important for restaurant’s marketing?

It is because,
1) Website could provide customers with the restaurant’s basic information, like contact details, menu and others, so that customers could find them easily.
2) Website with beautiful and user-friendly interface would attract more customers.
3) Website could act as a data collection center, request visitors to enter their e-mail address for weekly/monthly newsletter, where you could update them with the latest promotions, events and new menu.
4) Blog would be for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, so that the restaurant would be the top few in search engines, more visitors would visit the blog and website and they might be potential customers.
5) Blog could provide visitors with fresh and updated information, making them eager to read the coming posts while encouraging them to visit the restaurant.
6) Blog is also a way to be close to the customers, it is more interactive compare to website and visitors could comment on posts and provide feedback. A good and professional reply from the restaurant’s representative would increase the customer’s trust and stay in their good graces.
7) Blog is best to promote restaurant’s events and promotions, where it could be describe in detail what is the event about, the tentative of the event, and the latest restaurant’s promotions.

How to make your restaurant website popular?

Many of restaurant owners say nobody read our website. But have you looked your website deeply? It means not just for design aspects. Have you evaluate your website content? Follow these tips to understand how you can convert a dead website to an alive portal:
1) Produce high quality contents. You have a lot of information. about your foods, guests, events. Write about that. For example write what was your idea for last Valentine. How did you decorate your restaurant? what was the thing that you did and customer liked it the most? talk about them. These contents attract people to come to your website. read about you and become a regular customer of your restaurant.
2) Share recipes. Every week or two weeks, share one recipe in your blog or website. Do not copy of another website's recipe. Write yours. People are looking for original contents.
3) Connect your website to social Media. Make your own community in Facebook and twitter or even Google+. Lets people like your Facebook page or even share your blogs and posts in their Facebook page. It increases your popularity.
4) Share your food pictures in Pinterest and Thumbler. Pinterest users are increasing day by day. So don't miss the opportunity. You have a lot of nice dishes. Every week take 2 pictures, post it in your blog and also pin it in Pinterest!
5) Announce all of your promotions and offers one week in advance in your website. Let users become your website regular visitors to find your latest offers online.
6) Give discount to your website users. Encourage people to sign up in your website and take vouchers. Make people happy from using your website. So they will come back in the future to your site to check it again.

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