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Restaurant Menu

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A restaurant menu is more than just a list of food with prices. It does also reflect your restaurant's concept and style. One of the reasons many restaurants are successful is because of their menus. A restaurant menu reflects the restaurant's signature dishes, restaurant theme, and the style of the restaurant. A restaurant menu is not something that can be done hastily, because it is an important thing that should be consider carefully. No matter what type of restaurant you have, there are some guides on how to write your restaurant menu.

Before Design Your Restaurant Menu

Look at your competitor's website and study their menu. Also, look at all the similarities and differences between your restaurant menu and theirs. Then think about what you can make to compete with your competitor. Not all the menu needs to be original but you can add some new ingredients to existing dishes to make it your own.

Write the menu description

Write menu descriptions that will make your customers' mouth-water just by reading it. They also get to imagine the dishes by reading the short description on the menu. Don't forget to highlight the main dishes that your restaurant serves the best but please avoid writing too long descriptions in your menus. You can write about the ingredients used or the food history for the description.

What to avoid on a restaurant menu

Avoid putting too many texts in your menu and don't use font that make your menu difficult to read. Don't forget that the restaurant menu will reflect the restaurant itself. Choose colours and fonts that will reflect your restaurant theme. Don't take too many dishes into your menu that can make your customers confuse by reading it. Make it simple!

Restaurant Menu Pricing

Consider both the food cost and portion control before you do your menu prices. If you are offering seasonal item like seafood, you should know to use market price for your restaurant menu. Make the prices reasonable with the quality your restaurant serve and always remember that cheap price doesn't always have a good respond from the customers. Sometimes, customers might think cheap food is not quite high in quality.

Special Occasions Menus

Create a special menu for special occasions like on Valentine's Day and school holidays that will be the perfect time to earn a good profit for your restaurant. Specialty menus allow you to expand your regular dining selection while still maintaining control over cost and inventory.

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