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Restaurant Customer Service

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A good customer service goes a long way, especially for restaurants. Customers usually come for a good meal, but they also expect to be pampered. Good customer service will definitely leave a good impression on customers, and this is important so that they would revisit and perhaps spread positive words around about your restaurant.

Staff training is important to achieve great customer service, new and old restaurant staff especially those at the front of the restaurant, need to undergo proper training to improve the quality of their services. Wait staff are those who serve customers upfront, they play an important role when it comes to customer service because they are the ones customers see and interact with in the restaurant, therefore, choosing the right person to hold that position is an important factor. Wait staff should be friendly, efficient, composed, and are able to handle difficult situations and criticisms professionally.

Wait staff should give customers a warm welcome and a sincere smile when they come in, then take them to their seats to be comfortable. Then, no matter how busy the restaurant is, they should cater any table in need of their service and listen attentively when customers at their tables speak. They also should clean the table after the customers have left, so that other customers can have a clean table when they come in. Staffs should clean spills and replace dropped food immediately, and not make a big deal of it.

Next, staffs' appearance is also important, because it reflects the image of the restaurant. For restaurants that provide uniforms, the staffs should be dressed in uniforms and in a proper manner, if uniforms are not provided then they should wear the standard white shirt, black pants and black shoes. Staffs should be caring, offer customers help when they need especially senior-citizen and handicapped customers, such as offering an umbrella when it's raining outside and help them with their bags.

Good customer service involves the entire restaurant's staff, from wait staff, chefs to cleaners, they all play an important role, since customers will evaluate a restaurant not just on its food, but its services, atmosphere and even rest rooms. A restaurant with top notch services and good food would definitely attract more customers.

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