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Social Media Sites are Restaurant's assets.| KRESERVE BLOGS
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Social Media Sites are Restaurant's assets.

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Social Media is defined as websites and applications used for social networking, place where users communicate informally with one another. Some of the widely used social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, restaurateurs should use social media sites to boost your business.

Through social media sites, you could interact more with your customers and built the customer's trust while improving your services and food according to the customers' feedback through these sites. You should use the social media sites to spread news on your restaurant's promotions, events, give out coupons and posts photos of dishes to entice more customers to your restaurant.

Here are some of the social media sites and their respective benefits:

  1. Facebook
    Facebook is the most used social media site so far, according to, their estimated unique monthly visitors is 900,000,000 visitors per month! Facebook is useful for a restaurateur because you could post all your promotions, events, photos and videos on it, and the best part is that your customers or "Fans" could click a "Like" and "Share" to share the news with their friends. This is one of the best ways to spread the news and build a bigger fan-base.

  2. Twitter
    Twitter is second in rank of the most used social media sites, its minimal and hassle free interface is why users love it in the first place. Through Twitter, you only can post up to 140 characters, so your message should be simple and straight to the point, you could also post pictures and videos on it. Your "Followers" will have the choice to "Reply", "Retweet" or "Favorite" your tweets, and when they do, their followers could see that and might take notice of it too. Twitter's specialty would be their hashtag (#) function, when you search the hashtag-ed phrase, a list of tweets related to it will be shown, and this will come in handy if you want to know what others are saying about your restaurant.

  3. Google+
    Google+ is a social media site introduced by the giant search engine Google. Google+ have many interesting functions such as the "Hangout", it is a really fun application where you could video chat with your friends and play some games together, putting stickers on each other and stuff. However, there are not many users on Google+ compare to Facebook and Twitter, but the upside is Google+ could improve your restaurant's website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking more than Facebook and Twitter, with terms and conditions of course.

  4. YouTube
    YouTube is a social media site where people posts videos on just about anything (according to YouTube's terms), viewers could review the videos whether they like it or not and give comments for the videos. Your restaurant should record a video showing your restaurant's people, surroundings and food and upload it to YouTube, it would be one way to advertise your restaurant without a big budget. When viewers watch the video, they will feel as if they are in the restaurant itself and enjoying the meal, they will be more tempted to visit.

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