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Father's Day

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A little about a Big man in our lives

Father's Day festival is considered extremely important as it helps acknowledge the contribution of fathers to individual families and to societies as large. Besides observance of Father's Day provide children an opportunity to express love and respect for their fathers. The sentiment goes a long way in strengthening father-child relationship and consequently in the emotional development of a child.

Fatherís Day Festival is celebrated on different dates in different countries. Most countries including Malaysia, Australia, US, UK, Canada, Chile, France, Japan and India celebrate Fatherís Day on the third Sunday in June. Though the date of Father's Day is not fixed in countries around the world and even the manner of celebrations differ in several countries but everywhere the spirit behind the celebration of festival is just the same. All over the world people celebrate Father's Day to honor their father and express love for them. To celebrate the occasion of Father Day children give cards, flowers and other gifts of love to their father.

Father's Day is a beautiful festival that acknowledges and appreciates the important role played by a father in raising the child and consequently building a stronger society. Though fathers have been revered at all times by civilizations across the globe ironically what was missing until the last century was the official recognition of the significance of fathers in oneís life.

The Beginning of Father's Day Story

Historians have recorded that there was a tradition to celebrate Father's Day even thousands of years ago. Their study say that 4,000 years ago in Babylon a son called Elmesu carved a father's day message on a clay card. In his message Elmesu wished his father a long and healthy life. There is no knowledge as to what happened to this father son duo but it is believed that several countries retained the custom of celebrating Father's Day.

Fatherís Day Celebration in Present Time

Father's Day has become a hugely popular festival. World over people thank their father and pay tribute to them. Most commonly children gift Father's Day cards and flowers to their father. Neckties are a popular gift on the occasion of Father's Day. Due to the tradition of giving gifts, cards makers, florists and gift sellers campaign for Father's Day Festival in a big way and cash in on the sentiments of the people

Father's Day Commercialization

In this high-tech era of commercialization, the festival of Father's Day has been also commercialized to a great extent. Gift sellers start campaigning days before the commencement of Father's Day to cash in on the sentimental value of the occasion. The most advertised gift options include greeting cards, neckties, toolkits and gourmet gift baskets. According to a class of people, commercialization of the day helps in spreading awareness about Father's Day while some critics feel that extensive commercialization has made the celebration of this occasion a mere formality in many families.

Say Thanks to Dad on Father's Day

Fathers would never ever give a smallest of hint to let us know how hard they work to take care of our needs and fulfill even the most unusual of demands. For all their adorable scolding and affectionate punishments we all owe a big thanks to our Dads. Letís pray for our fatherís long & healthy lives and success in their careers. May God keep them with their blessings in our lives forever. So show them how much you care, take them out for a meal at any of our restaurants on

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