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Hari Raya brings the Baking along

By Annie Khan

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The aroma of freshly baked, homemade cookies and cupcakes boost anyone's craving for sweet and making everyone more involved in traditional Raya baking activity.

There is an old tradition of baking cookies of various types and give-and-take during a month of Ramadan and also on Hari Raya in Malaysia. Women are into baking since their very young age, so they turn perfect over the years of experience. Teens like to participate enthusiastically in this activity which takes place in home and it brings the family members & friends even more close.

While Baking is in the air, all Baking related utensils and Ingredients are on special discount during the month also separate sections are created in super stores exclusively selling Baking items and captivate more people towards this activity.

Online crash baking courses and classes is one of the examples of the increasing craze of the time, all TV & Radio shows broad cast the number of Recipes to meet one's desire.

The homemade cookies have a longer validity because only fresh ingredients are used so everyone likes to bake in bulk and store it for a long time.

On the other hand Cookies available in market are filled-in attractive packaging, color full ribbons are tied and small beautiful gift cards hanging, the boxes are designed to be air tight to ensure the freshness is intact and these wonder full boxes are purposely displayed on the catchiest location in any store.

On Hari Raya people visit each other's with various gifts and one or more packs of cookies pack is a must inclusive item.

These delicious cookies are highly consumed during Ramadan as they contain all the nutrition that a body requires for example wheat, milk, butter, eggs, fruits, nuts and sweeteners.

Mothers also prefer these kinds of delicacies for their kids in preference of packed biscuits who claim for more sustenance than they actually have.

People bake at home from pure butter Pineapple Tarts to tempting Kurma Delight cookies. There is long list of Hari Raya cookies variety, each select according to his family's taste and requirement.

The taste of home-baked cookies cannot be compared with anything in this season, and perfectly baked ones leave you with a melt-in-your-mouth temptation and you surely crave to eat more and more.

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