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KL Raya Festival Charity 2014

Date:19th July - 20th July 2014
Time:10am - 10pm
Place:Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC)

KL Raya Fest 2014 is not just a normal festival, it is a festival where charity is done while trading. The idea for this festival is thought by Mood Republik. This festival will be held in PWTC for two days. The festival is not just for collecting profit but it is also for the purpose of collecting funds for the Tabung Amal KL Raya Fest. This festival will involve about 300 online and offline shop in Malaysia like Cala Qisya, Bella Ammara, Radiusite, Sugarcarf, Tudung People, Allya Mysara, Zawara, Minas Boutique, Ammara and many more. This festival is the first festival where they combine all types of Syawal essentials such as handbags, accessories, fashion for male and female and food. They have also invited many Malaysian artists like Adam Corrie, Heliza Helmi, Yatt Hamzah, Aida Khaleeda, Zoey, Ustaz Don and Prof Muhaya to the festival.

They aim to collect RM100, 000 for charity from this festival. The aim could be achieved if they succeeded in attracting about 100,000 people to this festival. The funds collected from this festival will be distributed to Love Tanzania, Kembara Amal Kemboja and Rohingya Education Centre (REC).Besides Bazaar activity, KL Raya Fest 2014 will treat the orphans to a break fast meal, terawih and buy essentials like clothing for the orphans for this coming Syawal. Rohingya Education Centre Pulau Pinang will also be present during the festival. Let's join the charity bazaar and help those in need while shopping for Syawal.


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